New blog: Short stories, flash fiction, and other prose

In an effort to establish myself as a writer and appeal to a wider audience, I created a space where I’ll be writing non-P&P things.

Say hello to my latest blog: but a dream.

If you like my writing but wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, please check it out! It’s new, but I’ve got a handful of stories up there already and have been posting regularly.

Thanks for your love and support. Hope you enjoy.

Upcoming Book: Manifest Destiny! Smokin’ Guns! And One F*cked Up War!

Am I actually writing a western? Yup.

One cowboy. One fighter. One victim. One survivor.

This is the story of a callous hero with a calling from God, of the man standing in his way, of a declining empire struggling to confront addiction, humiliation, and weakness, of a woman coming to grips with a violent and uncertain future.

This is the Mexican-American War, told through a shoot-em-up western rich with moral ambiguity and anti-imperialism vitriol, and absolutely free of poorly-written Southern accents.

And so, the long and arduous journey beings. I’m excited to share this new adventure with you guys; many of you have written or are writing a book, so I know I’m in good company. Pray for me, ya’ll! But also definitely share your novel-writing tips and struggles.

Want a little teaser of the novel? Check it out below.

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January: Break the Box Month

This year, I’m trying something a little different. Not only am I posting weekly and rolling out a fun, history-centric newsletter next month, I’m also going to try breaking out of my comfort zone. How?

Every now and then I’ll be designating certain months as “Break the Box” months where each week I’ll post a new story that features a country that is never/rarely seen on this blog. This is both a challenge (and an opportunity) for me, and for you, this is a way to make me write about countries you want to read about.

So, this month’s Break the Box characters are going to be:

  • Mexico
  • Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland in a story about their renown band
  • Australia
  • Vietnam

In the comments, let me know who you would like to see next time around (probably March or April) and I just might feature’ em.

NEW BOOK – Allies & Assholes: An Honest Guide to World Affairs


Make sense of the world with humor.

Allies & Assholes is a free ebook that breaks down complicated world affairs into funny stories, enjoyable banter, and a little bit of sass. Download below the jump.

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An open letter to history nerds and politics fans:

So here’s the big question: How can I make my blog make you smile?

“Ask not what your readers can do for you, ask what you can do for your readers.”

– JFK, probably

Wise people have said that blogging is about building community. After much soul-searching, I realize that if I want to share a community with any group of people, it’s you. I also realize that if anyone’s going to passionate about my silly blog, it’s probably also you. That means that I want my posts to appeal to you, and I want to look credible in your eyes.

So here’s the big question: How can I make my blog a blog worth following?

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Write the World: August prompt


Write the World is a blogging event where history lovers and writers of all kinds can share their passion with other like-minded bloggers.

The first Friday of every month, you’ll be given a writing prompt that relates to history in some way. It’s totally up to you how you chose to fill the prompt. To join the fun, simply post your contribution by the end of the month and be sure to tag it with writetheworld. And if you want to add a link back to Prejudice & Politics–even better! This gives everyone a chance to read your post, give you feedback, and start awesome discussions about history.

August Theme:


And here’s a big thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s event! Check ’em out, and if you like what you see, leave a comment or give your ’em a follow.

  1. Michael at Morpethroad 
  2. ladyleemanila at ladyleemanila
  3. Eman at Get Lost
  4. Rachel at Parawl Perwyl

Thank you


Thank you rain, for reminding me that life will never be easy.

Thank you mortality, for showing me that I can survive the things that scare me the most.

Thank you war, for teaching me the power of consequence.

Thank you failure, for making me stronger.

Thank you resentment, for filling me with fire.

Thank you tears, for reminding me that I’m still alive.

Thank you fear, for making me bold.

Thank you frailty, for humbling me.

Thank you disillusionment, for forcing me to challenge my beliefs.

Thank you conviction, for making the pain worth it.

Thank you imperfections, for never letting me be complacent.

Thank you insecurity, for helping me figure out who I am.

Thank you enemies, for giving me a reason to live my life to the fullest.

Thank you friend, for

Ink bled against white as North Korea stopped writing. He looked over his scribbles before scowling.

“Stupid China and his stupid ‘self-help’ tricks.”

He tore the page from his journal, balled the paper up, and threw it in the trash.

Based on this song.