The 1770s Were His Rebellious Years

Photo by maisonbisson / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo by maisonbisson / CC BY-NC-SA
…So, it would mean a lot to me if you could make it. After all, you were like a father to me… an older brother, a role model, a friend.

With love,
The (Very Independent) United States of America

He finished writing with a stupid, excited grin on his face. Extravagantly sealing the envelope with wax, he gave the letter a satisfied smack with a stamp he’d kept since 1760.  America’s masterpiece was set to go on a priority voyage across the Pond.

The excitement he felt imaging England, begrudgingly plodding to his mailbox with a cup of coffee in hand and old robe on, finding the letter could be likened to the excitement a child feels when imagining a prank coming to life.

This was just the first stage of America’s July 4th festivities. The second involved sitting down with a 64 oz. of Coke and reliving the glory days of the American Revolution.


March 22, 1765

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