American Doctrines 101

Six American doctrines, six morally questionable decisions.

Here at P&P, I value education. It’s why I always strive to explain history and politics in the simplest and most unprofessional ways possible, to make the information easier to digest. Today, I want to look at six US foreign policy doctrines–why they were written, and what they set out to accomplish. Although there’s a cheat sheet above, read on for a better understanding.

And if you want to test your knowledge at the end, I made a quiz that will put your high school history teachers to shame.

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Happy Fourth of July

(Also included: man boobs.)

And while you’re waiting for the festivities to start, why don’t you go ahead and check out some of my July 4th stories? ūüėČ

Have fun and party responsibly.

How the heck does this work?

“Soviet Ukraine!” Russia declared proudly. “That’s what we’ll call you. Isn’t it a beautiful name?”

“Well, you really just tacked ‘Soviet’ to the beginning of my name.”

“And that is a beautiful thing!”

“The American Civil War” by Insane Raspberry


“Soviet Ukraine!” Russia declared proudly. “That’s what we’ll call you.¬†Isn’t it a beautiful name?”

“You¬†just added¬†‘Soviet’ to the beginning of my name.”

“And that is a beautiful thing.” Russia¬†put her hands on Ukraine’s¬†shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. Like most people who found¬†themselves that¬†close to Russia, he felt uncomfortable‚ÄĒand somewhat titillated. “The communists fought hard in your country, Ukraine. From this day forward, we fight together as comrades!”

“Yes, I am extremely proud of‚ÄĒRussia?” He¬†couldn’t help but notice that Russia’s eyes had widened and she seemed fixed on something behind him.

She spun him around and was suddenly face to face with himself. A second Ukraine. Same features, same hair, same outfit.

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