We Need to Talk: North Korea, Immigration, and Civility

New series where I give political commentary. This one is largely about immigration, racism, and civility.

Hi, guys.

On P&P I’m always talking about politics and history through fictional characters, but rarely do I ever get to talk about politics as myself. That’s why I’m starting a new series called We Need to Talk, where I candidly share my views about the madness that is US politics and foreign relations.

To kick off the first post of the series, I want to talk about how Trump creates and abuses crisises so that he can play the hero.

One fleeting story idea I had starts with Germany and America talking together during the Cold War. The situation–as far as I can remember–between East Berlin and West Berlin was getting dire and America presses upon Germany that this isn’t something he can handle alone, that he needs America’s help. Germany knows this, but is begrudging; he accuses America of creating problems just so he can go in, fix them, and walk away a hero. That criticism still holds up today.

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It’s the Fourth of July

Photo by wesleyhetrick / CC BY-NC 2.0

Loud music about partying and patriotism played through speakers all over the house while guests–mostly Europeans who sort of didn’t want to be there but sort of did–drank, danced, and tried to talk over the tunes. Hissing and exploding fireworks added to the auditory clutter, but at least they were pretty to look at.

Inside, America was filling his plate with hamburger sliders when he noticed Russia chatting up Canada near the punch bowl. He watched them with scrutiny for a few seconds, then decided to ruin the moment–but not before grabbing a couple of patriotically decorated popcorn balls.

“What’s up, guys?” He asked, trying to sound chummy as he somewhat obnoxiously interrupted their conversation. “What’cha talking about? Russia, you’re not trying to turn my sister against me again, are you?”

“What do you mean?” Russia asked with a lilted voice and a grin, but immediately leaned into Canada. “You know where to find me,” she whispered. Then, after making sure to meet and hold America’s gaze for for long enough to acknowledge his displeasure, she bounced off to find someone else with whom to mingle (and probably make uncomfortable).

With a half smile, Canada shook her head. “We were talking about dogs.”

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Buzzed confessions

Sometimes, they would drink together. Some nights, this was enjoyable if they did not argue effusively over hockey. Other nights, America would say some crazy shit.

An empty bottle of beer slamming down against the coffee table caused America’s drinking partner to jump in her seat.

“I have to stop China.”

Canada sat at the opposite end of the couch with a glass in her hand. The unbridled conviction in her brother’s voice caused her to slowly set her beverage down and raise brows at him. “What?”

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Can you blame someone for taking what you handed him?

To: me

If it’s not worry then it’s stress. There’s a reason why you’re sending me emails at two in the morning, and it wasn’t to ask me about what I think is the meaning of Rocky Horror Picture Show (although, to answer your question: it’s obviously a social commentary about the dangers of the glam rock movement). What’s wrong?

To: Canada (canucksthecup2015@yahoo.com)

Russia is scary but she doesn’t scare me. Once you see a person at their highest and then at their lowest, things change. I watched her rule the North then tear herself apart. There’s no more mountains for Russia, just valleys. If she didn’t pull the trigger on me before, she won’t do it now–probably. I know why you brought her up earlier, but you can’t really compare Russia and China. Russia is a honey badger. China is a spider.

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