The Life and Times of North Korea (On-going)

A biography that gives you an intimate look into the people and events that shaped North Korea into the country it is today. This Cold War-focused, non-linear series shows you the good, the bad, and the unbelievable parts of North Korea’s history. From war to narcotic smuggling to manipulating a superpower, discover the history of a socialist dictatorship.

Mutually Assured Delusion (Complete)

An explosive series with a simple plot: the nations partake in a fake UN meeting and shit hits the fan when North Korea acquires nuclear weapons.International bonds are tested and old wounds resurface as the world prepares for what could be a horrible disaster. Can a room full of countries, all with their own reasons for disliking and distrusting each other, prevent a nuclear war? After all, the desire for power and revenge can be very strong in politics.

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