Folie à deux

Photo by yeowatzup (CC BY 2.0)

If there was one convenient thing about waiting outside of North Korea’s office, it was that there were a lot of paintings to stare at to pass the time. Sitting in a long corridor, its walls lined with grand, gold-framed portraits, Taiwan was learning more about Kim Il-sung’s facial structure than she ever wanted to.

She turned when she heard a door open and nice shoes click against the smooth tile. With a phone in his hand and something like distraught on his face, North Korea assured her he’d be with her in no more than five minutes.

By the second minute, she felt incredibly tired out of absolutely nowhere. By the third, she took out her phone and tried to fight it off. By the fourth, the world went black.

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A specter’s desire


A chilling breeze whipped the night air and dragged leaves along an empty neighborhood road, scratching against the asphalt. The moon hung high against the backdrop of a starless sky. In the silent distance, a street light flickered, casting a blinking glow on the sidewalk. On, off. On, off. Light, nothing.

“It’s following me.”

America whipped his head back. “What?”

Japan came to a stop a few feet behind him. Like a still frame she stood with her arms at her sides, staring past America and straight ahead into the darkness where the shine of streetlights couldn’t reach.

“A monster.”

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Bilateral: Doppelganger

Photo Credit: HerePup
Photo Credit: via HerePup

It wasn’t often that South Korea and her brother could enjoy a solitary moment of peaceful conversation that had nothing at all to do with politics. This time, however, they weren’t exactly alone. She looked down at her brother’s chubby little companion with a quirked eyebrow.

“You like.. pugs.”

“They’re cute.”

“Yeah, sure… I guess?” The sister hummed then cracked a smile. “You know who that dog looks like?” She stopped. “Oh, never mind. I shouldn’t.”

This made her brother glare. “Say it.”

“No, no, no–it’s bad. You’ll get mad.”

Say it.” A second ticked by and then realization struck him, widening his eyes. “I know what you were going to say. Yes, I am mad.”

His sister fought to stifle a snicker but just erupted with laughter anyway.

MAD 7: The Alpha Dog and Megalomaniac

Guided by 216 attitude control motors, the Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment demonstrated the feasibility of kinetic energy intercepts at short ranges.
Source: SMDC

After Russia’s proposal was rejected and she was laughed off the stage by America, who for whatever reason kept shouting ‘how much does it hurt?’ at her, the model UN broke for intermission.

China and North Korea stood together at the coffee table set up outside the meeting room. For a while, the only noise was the sound of the hot drink pouring into a Styrofoam cup. Then North Korea spoke up.

“If this were real, I would have a lot of reasons to sign Russia’s deal over yours.”

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Bilateral: Family

They sat side by side on bar stools with margaritas in their hands. Hers was some shade of red and his was a kind of purple.

“You remind me of your brother sometimes.”

Canada was caught between a scoff and a laugh. “France, please, I’m trying to enjoy myself.”

France didn’t say anything, which would have been the perfect excuse to let it go. But she didn’t take the out.

“Come ooon,” she groaned, leaning toward him. “Don’t be like that.”

“No, no, I was simply making an observation–”

“It’s just that everyone’s been fighting for so long. Maybe a combat mission in Iraq is something we need.”

“You sound unsure.”

She stared at the ice cubes melting in her glass. “I know it wouldn’t be easy, but… but don’t you think that sometimes, the end justifies the means?”

And France just smiled, knowing well that’s what America would say.

Inspiration taken from this article.

Prejudice & Pinterest

Prejudice & Politics pinboard on Pinterest

Ever wanted to know what Japan’s or France’s aesthetic is? Now you never have to wonder. P&P has joined Pinterest! Pinning alongside moms and vegans, I’ve created a variety of boards to represent the interests of many of your favorite(?) characters. While each board features fashion, food, and travel, some boards offer an aesthetic unique to the character’s personality.

America’s board, for example, is filled with amazing junk food. Austria indulges in the classier side of life, with jewelry and music. Japan loves video games, while Canada likes to fill her board with cute ‘n cozy stuff. India loves vibrant and warm colors, and Russia has a suspicious love for leather. You’ll also notice that sometimes countries will pin things from other cultures, and that’s to celebrate cultural exchange and friendship.

While not every board is updated daily, you’re bound to find something cool with each new pin. So, why not follow us on Pinterest? If nothing else, do it for South Korea because her board is filled with puppies and kittens. Puppies and kittens.

The North Side Story: A Playground Primer on Canadian Elections and Foreign Policy


[ For this article, my friend and fellow political blogger Nic translates the Canadian election into a relatable story using personification and humor. Even though the election come in today, this satirical and informative article is nonetheless a great read for anyone who wants to catch up or is curious about Canadian foreign policy. If you want to see more from Nic check out PineTreeRepublic, which offers high-quality news content with an emphasis on community and context. ]

On Monday, Oct. 19, Canadians will go to the polls for an election that is expected to be among Canada’s closest in recent history. To help explain what the election means for Canada’s foreign policy, I offer a “playground” adaptation of key moments and policy positions expressed during the campaign. Hopefully, this synopsis helps explain the recent debate in Canadian foreign policy to outsiders, and provides at least a bit of comedic relief for compatriots who have endured a 78-day long campaign (and yes, that’s considered extremely “long” by Canadian standards).

Note that I am not endorsing any one party in this post, and have attempted to poke fun at each main character *roughly* equally.

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