Things are heating up in East Asia!

Hi, friends.

Along with working on, and struggling with, an Australia- and Canada-centric story, I’m also working on something I’ll be submitting to the one and only If they actually decide to publish my trash, ya’ll will be the first to know.

But I’m back here today, specifically, to throw a small heaping of international affairs f#%kery at you. Lately, North Korea has been incredibly naughty (read as: homicidal and destructive) and I’d be remiss if I didn’t write about it.

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North Korea’s Valentine’s Day Message to You

Your worth is never determined by who loves you or who you have sex with.

Hello. I am the DPRK, known to you reactionaries as “north Korea.” Last year, I wrote a truly inspiring and profound article for this website. That very article received over 1 million likes within the first hour alone. However, only 15 likes are showing at the moment–a technical error on the fault of, a known bourgeoisie puppet.

Today, I am back on this evening of Western debauchery to deliver a very important message.

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Politics Junkies

Have you ever sat there and wished you had some really bad international relations jokes to send to your sweetheart? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Sending your significant other these inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards are sure to let them know how much you love them and hate yourself.



And more under the jump!

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Taking a little break

my cute dog
It’s not me, it’s my dog. Don’t stare into his big black eyes for too long. Could be dangerous.

Hi, readers.

I’m in a very transitional stage of my life right now and it’s occurred to me that I need to shift my focus for the sake of my own sanity. After some self-reflection, I decided to put P&P on a semi-hiatus as I prioritize real life issues, like finding a full-time job, moving away from home, and getting published online.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t find any new content here. Here are some things you can still look forward to this month:

  • The Australia story that was meant for Jan. but had to be pushed back
  • A special Valentine’s post written by North Korea
  • Funny and inappropriate Valentine’s card parodies

But I also have fun things planned for after the hiatus:

  • A weekly newsletter that’ll make your inner history nerd pleased as punch
  • A shiny, pretty new publication that features some of the best and funniest quotes from my stories along with a dash of foreign policy insight
  • And lots of new characters being introduced throughout the year during more Break the Box months

And you can always ride out the hiatus by following P&P on Twitter for bite-sized bits of political humor and world news.

All in all, I think you folks deserve the transparency of knowing what’s up or why I’ll only be posting about twice a month. In a few months from now, I hope to be right back in the swing of things and writing better than ever.

Thanks for understanding.

50 Shades of Authoritarianism: A New Era in Russia-US Relations

They sat close together on the couch and watched the crackling fire with half-lidded eyes. The wine in their glasses almost matched the color of her lips and America couldn’t quite figure out which of the two was more intoxicating.

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Vietnam and the American Devil

After the war, Vietnam struggled with America–and herself.

Soundtrack: Devil Devil by Milck


Explosions shook the air. Vietnam heard the whirring of helicopter blades and feet pounding against asphalt as people scrambled for an escape–echoes from a distant reality. But what wasn’t muted, what was so real that it pumped fire through her veins, was the sight of her flag wavering in the dusty wind amidst the wreckage of Saigon.

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The Nordic countries had a band called Black Metal Swans of Carnage. The name was craftily engineered by Finland, who was the female vocalist. Sweden was on the drums because her big, strong arms were perfect for hammering away at things. Denmark took up the male vocals while rocking electric guitar #1. Norway was on the second guitar, but he was so talented that during some songs he would strum while tickling the electric ivories. Iceland was the bassist because he was brooding due to the seasonal depression.