P&P on Medium: More stories, more fun

Think of it as, like, bonus content. DLC you don’t pay for.

Do you ever want to reap all the cool benefits that a hypothetical Patreon pledge offers, but not have to pay me for writing too many stories about North Korea? Well, thank God Medium exists.

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doodles + updates


He’s talking about himself, of course.


Happy Monday.

Job searching has been miserable, but I figure that if I keep throwing darts at the board, one’s gonna hit eventually.

I’m thinking of rewriting Mutually Assured Delusion and turning it into a real novel… but if in the near future the US does go to war with North Korea, thus resulting in widespread death and destruction, wouldn’t I look like an ass, having written about it hypothetically in an overexaggerated comedy? Could I even live with myself?

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Taking a little break

my cute dog
It’s not me, it’s my dog. Don’t stare into his big black eyes for too long. Could be dangerous.

Hi, readers.

I’m in a very transitional stage of my life right now and it’s occurred to me that I need to shift my focus for the sake of my own sanity. After some self-reflection, I decided to put P&P on a semi-hiatus as I prioritize real life issues, like finding a full-time job, moving away from home, and getting published online.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t find any new content here. Here are some things you can still look forward to this month:

  • The Australia story that was meant for Jan. but had to be pushed back
  • A special Valentine’s post written by North Korea
  • Funny and inappropriate Valentine’s card parodies

But I also have fun things planned for after the hiatus:

  • A weekly newsletter that’ll make your inner history nerd pleased as punch
  • A shiny, pretty new publication that features some of the best and funniest quotes from my stories along with a dash of foreign policy insight
  • And lots of new characters being introduced throughout the year during more Break the Box months

And you can always ride out the hiatus by following P&P on Twitter for bite-sized bits of political humor and world news.

All in all, I think you folks deserve the transparency of knowing what’s up or why I’ll only be posting about twice a month. In a few months from now, I hope to be right back in the swing of things and writing better than ever.

Thanks for understanding.

January: Break the Box Month

This year, I’m trying something a little different. Not only am I posting weekly and rolling out a fun, history-centric newsletter next month, I’m also going to try breaking out of my comfort zone. How?

Every now and then I’ll be designating certain months as “Break the Box” months where each week I’ll post a new story that features a country that is never/rarely seen on this blog. This is both a challenge (and an opportunity) for me, and for you, this is a way to make me write about countries you want to read about.

So, this month’s Break the Box characters are going to be:

  • Mexico
  • Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland in a story about their renown band
  • Australia
  • Vietnam

In the comments, let me know who you would like to see next time around (probably March or April) and I just might feature’ em.

Which countries do you want featured in the next book?

Leave a comment telling me which countries (or even regions or parts of history) you’d like to read more about in upcoming stories.

I know that when I usually ask this question, I just go on writing about North Korea  (it’s a disease; I’m sorry), but going into 2017 I’m looking to provide you with the best content I can. Part of that is writing more books, and, more importantly, books you actually want to read. And while this blog will remain fairly East/SE Asia-centric, I’m more than happy to expand the cast for larger productions similar to Allies & Assholes.

So just leave a comment telling me which countries (or even regions or parts of history) you’d like to read more about in upcoming stories.