“This is why I love these trashy Euro parties. Everyone’s drunk as hell and high. You’re all nuts! Nuts. I love it–and I love you, you wild, godless, sexy Europeans. Hey, can I sit on your lap?”

Listening to too much Gaga. This song is a slapper and that one line just screamed America. Of course, Europe’s house parties are the best; when you’ve been living too long, all the while crammed together with a bunch of people you hate on a small continent, and have been through way too many wars, going wild every now and then becomes a necessity.

Dad = a disappointed England–who has no right to judge because he’s a complete mess too.

Bad Comic #2: “North Korea”



North Korea detests that name, both in fiction and reality. The country (and its people) will always use the official name, DPRK. You may also hear DPR Korea. Calling the country “North Korea” is disrespectful and imperialist. That’s why everyone calls him–to his face, at least–Korea. If you don’t, he will scream at you.