BRICS at the Beach

Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, and China have a weekend getaway.

It’s summer! And what better way to celebrate friendship and financial anxiety than a trip to the beach?

Clad in their finest swimwear, India, Brazil, and South Africa stood firmly in a line on the deck and waited for Russia to speak, like they were soldiers awaiting orders.

“On this trip, everyone will be wearing protection at all times.” Russia’s voice was commanding as she wielded a bottle of sunscreen in her hand like it was a sword. “I don’t care if you ‘don’t burn.’ The sun is evil and it will kill you.” The other women jumped at the force behind Russia’s accusation. “Now, who wants to rub lotion all over my back?” India threw up her hand.

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Political Debrief No. 6

Welcome to Political Debrief, where the news isn’t really news except when it is.

This month around the world:

Switzerland ate a lot of fondue and worried his neighbors. Even after he started to feel sick, he said that he was determined to keep going, telling everyone that they’ll “never understand.”

China received a surprise present from the United States: a coffee mug sporting the phrase “I

North Korea thought it was cool until he learned it was from America. Then he called it “immature.”

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