[Pt. 2] Korea’s Quest

My adventure’s only just begun but already I have to face the most wretched monster in all the land!

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Ever since I could remember, there’s been a fire in my heart. It burned with joy, with hate, with love, and so often, now, it burns with a longing for retribution. It told me to keep fighting when I wanted to give up, to keep believing when I felt hopeless. And all my life, that flame has been pulling me toward my destiny.

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[Teaser] Korea’s Thrilling Quest to Defeat the Forces of Evil and Achieve Greatness

The daring and valiant maiden who conquered evil and achieved greatness… It’s me, Korea!

Oh, hi there! I’m the Joseon Dynasty. While you can call me Korea, I will also accept the name Korea, The Beautiful. 😉 I existed for centuries–way longer than either of my modern-day “successors”–and my rich history is full of thrilling stories. I bet you’re dying to read one, right?

This is a tale about a daring adventure where I defeat the Supreme Evil and transform into a great empire. There’s magic, risk, and betrayal–so exciting! Below you’ll find a little teaser, just for you~ If you like what you see, and I’m sure you will, come back next week for part two.

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