The Agro of His Fury

“If you could go back in time and kill anyone, who would it be?”
The idea is the same, even if you’re a country.

“They say it can open a door to the past,” China said as North Korea dangled the red and gold talisman from the silk thread between his fingers.

“Have you ever tried to go back?”

“Do you really think I want to re-live any part of my life?”

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Korea’s Quest Illustrations

Here’s a compilation of some quick illustrations I did for Korea’s Quest. Includes commentary.

New Illustrations (not featured in the stories)

Russia’s armor is a fusion of Nicholas II’s uniform and a piece of gear from Final Fantasy XIV. I know that I usually draw her with platinum blonde hair, but I thought she’d look nice with dark hair for a change.

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[Epilogue] Korea’s Quest

They’re looking for me and all they’ll have to do is follow the trail of blood to where I’ve collapsed.

(Read the previous chapters here.)

They’re looking for me and all they’ll have to do is follow the trail of blood to where I’ve collapsed.

As my light fades, so does Taeguk’s. My poor gem. Once so warm and brilliant, it lies cold and shattered in my hand. As for me, I can hardly breathe.

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[Final] Korea’s Quest

Powerful magic like you’ve never seen before . . . A heart-pounding showdown . . . It’s time to fulfill my destiny!

(The thrilling conclusion to Korea’s Quest. Read Part 3 here.)

A thick, depressing fog cloaked my palace. All color had been drained from every inch of every building, robbing them of their splendor and beauty. Death choked the air like a heavy and oppressive smog. The Great Evil did this–desecrated my only refuge–and I would spare him no mercy.

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[Pt. 3] Korea’s Quest

An old flame, a ravenous monster, and untold horror! My quest continues.

(Korea’s daring adventure continues! Read Part 2 here.)

When that frumpy beggar on the roadside looked up at me, I gasped. I’d recognize that piteous face anywhere.

“Ch-China?” I couldn’t help but gawk. If he’d passed out here the night before, it wouldn’t surprise me; these days he spent most of his time smoking and drinking in miserable solitude. I had to be a little forgiving, though, because I knew he’d hit a very low point in his life, having lost two duels against Britain and one very recently against Japan. They wounded his pride and stripped him of his power and status. Japan even took his hair.

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[Pt. 2] Korea’s Quest

My adventure’s only just begun but already I have to face the most wretched monster in all the land!

(Read the first chapter of Korea’s Quest here.)

Ever since I could remember, there’s been a fire in my heart. It burned with joy, with hate, with love, and so often, now, it burns with a longing for retribution. It told me to keep fighting when I wanted to give up, to keep believing when I felt hopeless. And all my life, that flame has been pulling me toward my destiny.

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