[Pt. 2] Korea’s Quest

My adventure’s only just begun but already I have to face the most wretched monster in all the land!

(Read the first chapter of Korea’s Quest here.)

Ever since I could remember, there’s been a fire in my heart. It burned with joy, with hate, with love, and so often, now, it burns with a longing for retribution. It told me to keep fighting when I wanted to give up, to keep believing when I felt hopeless. And all my life, that flame has been pulling me toward my destiny.

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Japan’s Hell

Why do you have to be late, America?

Leaving the house is a nightmare for me so I only do it out of necessity. This morning I’m meeting America at this cafe but he’s late and I’m early. Well, it won’t hurt to order a drink while I wait. Maybe if I have enough caffeine I will astral project, escaping both this world and my social anxiety.

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Fire, Meet Gasoline: How Japan and America went from enemies to friends with benefits

“You broke me just so you could put me back together.”

“Do you really want to try putting yourself back together?”

Her fist tightened once again and she bit her tongue because she didn’t dare admit that she wasn’t sure.

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Image header for Fire, Meet Gasoline story

In a coffee shop, they sat nearly shoulder to shoulder under warm orange lights as the chill of the night air watched them enviously from outside. The aroma of hot apple cider took their senses on a journey as Japan listened and America told stories.

“So, I’m standing in the doorway to his office.” Already Ameria was grinning. “Puttin’ the saucy on, you know, wiggling my ass, a little bit of eyebrow signaling–cause, you know, this war was huge for me. If I defeat the British Empire, I’ll look like such a badass.”

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Fire, Meet Gasoline: An America-Japan mixtape

We all love music right? For me, music is a powerful way to analyze and explore political themes and events.  I want to share some of that fun with you guys, so here’s a smooth, electro-pop playlist exploring the historical and present day US-Japan relationship through the lens of modern Japan.

Open in Spotify.

You can find my other politics-inspired playlists through my Spotify page. It’s not a bad way to discover cool new music, at the very least.

And look forward to my upcoming story this Thursday that will take you through Japan and America’s history of love, hate, and redemption.

Allies & A-Holes: Your P&P guide to International Politics – Coming SOON

Surprise, surprise, I’m writing a book.

But not just any book. It’s a free, political e-guidebook of sorts that not only provides fun and entertaining little excerpts of stories from this blog (along with brand new original content, whoa), but also a quick and easy breakdown of who hates whom and why.

Allies & A-Holes: America Teaser (.pdf)

Diving into the foreign relations of the US, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea, Allies & A-Holes tries to make sense of some of the complicated affairs of East Asia and how everyone feels about one another.

International relations made easy. And fun.

Each chapter focuses on one of the six countries and includes a: autobiography, relationship cheat sheet, detailed look at how X feels about Y written from that country’s POV, excerpts from and links to relevant P&P stories, and a Further Reading section for quenching your thirst for knowledge.

To get you excited, I’ve got a free teaser (see above) that you can download and enjoy. It shows you about half of America’s chapter so you can get a feel for how the finished book will look.

And finally, you should absolutely share the news and spread the word. Positive responses and reader engagement would totally encourage me to do a part two with all new countries.

Look forward to the official release this holiday season.

Ouija boards will kill you unless you are a country

Ouija board
Photo by ryan (Flickr)

In an aging, creaking house in the middle of somewhere spooky, like a cemetery or something, America and Canada sat together at a small table. The flame of a candle quivered in the dusty, musty air.

With their hands on the planchette, they circled the board twice and recited whatever it was you’re supposed to recite so the ghosts won’t kill you.

Sucking in a breath, Canada asked, “Sprits, are you here?” Seconds crept by. Then something jolted their hands.


America’s face lit up. “Yoooo!”

“Stop. You’re breathing too close to the candle. Look, we’ve got spirits here. Is there anyone you’re looking for? Any dead countries you want to speak to?”

America hummed in thought. “Oh! Yeah. I got one. The Confederacy. Where he at? I have some words for him.” America leaned over the board. “Hahaha what’s good, bitch?”

“America, no.”

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Uncomfortable Japanese sashimi

When Japan picked up the phone she was greeted by a very distressed American.
“Philippines is going to your place today, right? Ask–ask her why she hates me.”
“Are you going to cry?”
“She did me dirty. That shit was hurtful!”
“Please don’t cry.”

Photo by Dennis Wong

And so, the drama from yesterday continues.

When Japan picked up the phone she was greeted by a very distressed American.

“Philippines is going to your place today, right? Ask–ask her why she hates me.”

“Are you going to cry?”

“She did me dirty. That shit was hurtful! I mean, you know, I’ve been friends with her for years and suddenly she hates me? What the hell? Is it–is it because I’m weak? But I’m not though, right?”

“Please don’t cry.”

“And China?” America made a noise that sounded caught between a growl and a gag. “She goes for him, of all people? It’s because he’s hot, isn’t it? Is China sexier than me? Japan, be honest.”

“Hold, please.”


She slowly brought the phone away from her ear and hung up.

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