Bad, Political Valentine’s Cards

In 2017 I made a set of political-themed Valentine’s Day cards. Rather than put effort into making a new set, I’m just adding two additions and re-upping last year’s post.

Here’s where you can find all the “gems” from last year.

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without an anti-Valentine’s card:


P&P 2017 Top 10

Fun stories, great blogs, and a special thank you.

What a year. For the world in general, 2017 has been a long and shitty rollercoaster ride. But rather than remind you of the rise of populism, the crushing of civil liberties, and the threat of nuclear war, I want to end 2017 on a good note. That’s why I’m looking back at my favorites stories I wrote this year. They may or may not have been popular, but I had a blast writing them and learning about the topics. So, here’s to celebrating your work, here’s to becoming a better writer, here’s to researching (which can be fun), and here’s to top 10 lists.

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Happy Fourth of July

(Also included: man boobs.)

And while you’re waiting for the festivities to start, why don’t you go ahead and check out some of my July 4th stories? 😉

Have fun and party responsibly.

North Korea’s Valentine’s Day Message to You

Your worth is never determined by who loves you or who you have sex with.

Hello. I am the DPRK, known to you reactionaries as “north Korea.” Last year, I wrote a truly inspiring and profound article for this website. That very article received over 1 million likes within the first hour alone. However, only 15 likes are showing at the moment–a technical error on the fault of, a known bourgeoisie puppet.

Today, I am back on this evening of Western debauchery to deliver a very important message.

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Valentine’s Day Cards for Politics Junkies

Have you ever sat there and wished you had some really bad international relations jokes to send to your sweetheart? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Sending your significant other these inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards are sure to let them know how much you love them and hate yourself.



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