BRICS at the Beach

Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, and China have a weekend getaway.

It’s summer! And what better way to celebrate friendship and financial anxiety than a trip to the beach?

Clad in their finest swimwear, India, Brazil, and South Africa stood firmly in a line on the deck and waited for Russia to speak, like they were soldiers awaiting orders.

“On this trip, everyone will be wearing protection at all times.” Russia’s voice was commanding as she wielded a bottle of sunscreen in her hand like it was a sword. “I don’t care if you ‘don’t burn.’ The sun is evil and it will kill you.” The other women jumped at the force behind Russia’s accusation. “Now, who wants to rub lotion all over my back?” India threw up her hand.

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Bilateral: Power


India and Brazil sat together and stared at a dragon struggling to pull a sword from its stomach. Above it was an elegant white bird perched atop the shell of its former life.

Brazil’s eyes were drawn away from the mural and to the name plates that lined the conference table. United States, Russian Federation, China…

“We could be there,” she told India, eyes still ahead. “Before, it used to seem like a far-off dream. Maybe it still is. But, it feels closer now than it ever has. Is that a crazy thought?”

“No, it isn’t. I’ve thought it as well.” India paused a moment. “But, I have a fear.”

“What is it?”

“I remember what these people had to do to get where they are. I ask myself if I’m willing to do the same things. Often times the answer is yes, but other times I’m not as sure.” He turned to her and she met his earnest look.  “We could be up there,” he said. “But do we really want to be?”