What is Prejudice & Politics?

Short stories about personified countries, aimed at making politics approachable, digestible, and fun. The goal is to explore the motivations and history behind a government’s actions, words, and beliefs. Here are some posts to give you a sense of what to expect:

If you want to talk about guest post opportunities, email me at prejudicepolitics@gmail.com

Who is the writer?

Allison Black, writer and political junkie extraordinaire. I think the one thing I like more than blabbing about international relations might just be video games. Nah, that’s a lie. Video games definitely come second.

I first got into politics back in 2011(ish) when I noticed that North Korea was making a lot of noise in the news, threatening thermonuclear holocaust and all. I thought this was an issue worth learning about. Six years down the road and here I am, writing this blog. Oh, jeez.

My hopes are dreams are to: go back to school for my MA, publish several books, and raise an army of chihuahuas. I think that’s all pretty reasonable.