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Prejudice & Politics is a series of stories that personify countries to explain, explore, and laugh at politics. While P&P doesn’t write history, it takes existing historical narratives and tells them in interesting and often satirical ways. Primarily focused on East Asia, these stories will break down the complexity of international relations and poke fun at the absurdities in how countries view themselves and treat each other.

The Writer

A drawing of the writer
I’m not sad, that’s just how my face looks.

My name is Allison and my weakness is trashy international relations drama. I first got into politics back in 2011(ish) when North Korea was making a lot of noise in the news, threatening thermonuclear war and all. I started studying the country as a casual hobby and before long global affairs had taken over my life. Several years and Bachelor’s degree down the road and here I am, writing this blog. Yikes.