Anonymous flag-y ball faces

Website header featuring the characters North Korea, China, Russia, and USA
Squad goals

A long time ago I asked whether or not the characters’ appearances should be anonymous and the overwhelming majority said yes. I’m going to honor that. You’re all stuck with anonymous flag-y ball faces now.

In the spirit of things, say hi to the new header. Why? Because China and Russia have a pretty significant presence in my stories. They deserve some time in the spotlight.

I’m not saying the new header is better than the original, but now it has 100% more Russia… So, technically, yeah, it’s better.

Concluding question: What’s the sexiest thing in the world?

A guy in a Mao suit.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an author, nerd, and international relations major who loves bad political jokes. When she's not writing or gushing about global affairs, she's playing video games. One day she will have a Ph.D., speak Korean fluently, and command an army of chihuahuas.

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