Write the World: July Prompt


Write the World is a new blogging event where history lovers and writers of all kinds can share their passion through creativity.

The first Friday of every month, you’ll be given a writing prompt/theme that relates to history in some way. It’s totally up to you how you chose to fill the prompt; maybe flash fiction is your forte, maybe you’re a gifted poet, or maybe you like explaining things in a similar-to-Wikipedia-but-cooler way.

To join the fun, post your contribution by the end of the month and be sure to tag it with writetheworld. You can also drop a link to your post in the comment section here. A pingback to my blog isn’t necessary but it is appreciated. Have fun!

This month’s theme:


Author: Allison Black

Allison is an author, nerd, and international relations major who loves bad political jokes. When she's not writing or gushing about global affairs, she's playing video games. One day she will have a Ph.D., speak Korean fluently, and command an army of chihuahuas.

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