Throwback time!

Sometimes I’m proud of the older stories I’ve written. Sometimes they’re a little funny. Here’s a throwback to some stories from the 2013-2015 archives that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Folie a deux – Taiwan finds out what it’s like to see the world through North Korea’s eyes.

Who Should You Fight? – Ever wanted to punch the United States? Take a swing at France? Here’s some advice if you’re looking to fight the Security Council.

America’s diary – Because who doesn’t want to read this?

Friendly gestures – Mexico and America met on friendly terms. It didn’t stay that way.

Lips and teeth – A candid elevator conversation says a lot about North Korea and China’s relationship.

Gambling – China and Russia exchange snarky comments over poker.

Sucker punch – An artsy but insightful interpretation of the psychological battle between the US and USSR.

Gossip – Fun banter between countries. What goes around comes around.

2084 – North Korea wakes up in a dystopian nightmare. Oh, wait…

The North Side Story  – Last year’s Canadian election satirized and personified as children’s playground shenanigans. This was a guest post by Nic from PineTreeRepublic.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an international relations major who likes exploring politics through fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys video games, graphic design, and studying Japanese.

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