5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Me on Twitter


I’m revamping the P&P Twitter and from now on the characters will be making the posts. Which means everything will be funnier. I hope. So here are five reasons, or testimonials, why you should make the great decision to follow us.

“I’m cool, funny, and look super good in shades. Not that the last thing was relevant at all. I just wanted everyone to know that Ray-Ban and I go great together.” – America

“Because America said so.” – Japan

“You might find that interacting with us is pretty fun, and I’m sure we’ll love talking to you too!” – Canada

“Because if you don’t, you will be labeled a treacherous jackal and shame will befall your entire lineage and—” – North Korea

“You shouldn’t.” – China

There you have it. You can find us at https://twitter.com/prejpol.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an international relations major who likes exploring politics through fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys video games, graphic design, and crying.

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