Prejudice & Politics has an!


I’ve opened an where you can ask us literally anything you want. This gives you the opportunity to bring up serious and potentially heart-wrenching questions like: “Germany, how did it feel watching the Berlin Wall fall?” or “Russia, if you could do it all over again, would you?”

But if you’re in a fun mood, you can find out what a character’s favorite food is, what they sing in the shower, or who they’d take to hypothetical prom. You could even ask Switzerland if he’s a boxers or briefs kinda guy.

And you can ask me stuff too—stuff about P&P, about writing, about politics in general, about video games, about my dog.

So, don’t be shy! Hop over to Prejudice & Politics on and ask away. Just remember to specify who the question is for so America doesn’t answer everything and monopolize the whole operation.

Author: sarahbruso

International relations major, certified nerd, and suffering writer. I dig humor, video games, and global politics.

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