Bilateral: Doppelganger

Photo Credit: HerePup
Photo Credit: via HerePup

It wasn’t often that South Korea and her brother could enjoy a solitary moment of peaceful conversation that had nothing at all to do with politics. This time, however, they weren’t exactly alone. She looked down at her brother’s chubby little companion with a quirked eyebrow.

“You like.. pugs.”

“They’re cute.”

“Yeah, sure… I guess?” The sister hummed then cracked a smile. “You know who that dog looks like?” She stopped. “Oh, never mind. I shouldn’t.”

This made her brother glare. “Say it.”

“No, no, no–it’s bad. You’ll get mad.”

Say it.” A second ticked by and then realization struck him, widening his eyes. “I know what you were going to say. Yes, I am mad.”

His sister fought to stifle a snicker but just erupted with laughter anyway.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an author, nerd, and international relations major who loves bad political jokes. When she's not writing or gushing about global affairs, she's playing video games. One day she will have a Ph.D., speak Korean fluently, and command an army of chihuahuas.

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