Bilateral: Family

They sat side by side on bar stools with margaritas in their hands. Hers was some shade of red and his was a kind of purple.

“You remind me of your brother sometimes.”

Canada was caught between a scoff and a laugh. “France, please, I’m trying to enjoy myself.”

France didn’t say anything, which would have been the perfect excuse to let it go. But she didn’t take the out.

“Come ooon,” she groaned, leaning toward him. “Don’t be like that.”

“No, no, I was simply making an observation–”

“It’s just that everyone’s been fighting for so long. Maybe a combat mission in Iraq is something we need.”

“You sound unsure.”

She stared at the ice cubes melting in her glass. “I know it wouldn’t be easy, but… but don’t you think that sometimes, the end justifies the means?”

And France just smiled, knowing well that’s what America would say.

Inspiration taken from this article.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an author, nerd, and international relations major who loves bad political jokes. When she's not writing or gushing about global affairs, she's playing video games. One day she will have a Ph.D., speak Korean fluently, and command an army of chihuahuas.

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