Allison Speaks: Let’s talk about purpose

Hey everyone, author here. Doing something a little different today. By different, I mean earnestly spilling my heart (just a little bit) to you incredible readers. And by spilling my heart, I mean talking about the purpose of P&P and fantasizing about the future of this blog. I also want to know what you want to see from me, so stick around for a little bit more on that.

Why do you blog?

P&P isn’t an edgy political blog that’s supposed to shock you with topical jokes and gritty, one-liner social commentary. Serious political topics should absolutely be discussed, but they also deserve more respect than a lighthearted humor blog can give. Rather, the goal of P&P is to make international relations relatable. Because they are relatable–we just have to think about them in the right context.

Every one of our relationships is a story, and that does not change when it comes to the bonds between countries. That’s what I want to show people. I want to show you that international politics is just as complicated and ridiculous as the personal relations between best friends, ex-friends, lovers, and family members who hate each other but still visit on holidays.

That’s why I blog. Well, that and the desire to be successful one day (but that sounds much less poignant).

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

I’d have five-hundred million followers and be making $100 per day. Per day.
In all seriousness, my answer is a little complicated. Right now I have between 30-40 followers, probably get on average 5 views per day, and have 1 Twitter follower (at the time of writing this). If I could double those figures within six months, awesome. If I could triple them within a year? I will have exceeded my wildest dreams. And from there I’ll have to dream of something even wilder.

One day I’d like to look at my readership see creative people drawing their own versions of the characters and using fiction as a means of exploring IR and politics for themselves. I want a community that fosters discussion and laughs, because I love both.

What do you want to see on Prejudice & Politics?

Nothing is more important to me than writing stuff you want to read. That’s why I want your suggestions! Tell me what you’d like to see. Maybe it’s more of a series I haven’t written for in a while. Maybe you’re really interested in the relationship between Country A and Country B and want a little story about it. Maybe you think Russia is a delight (you’d be right) and you want to see more of her in future stories. Whatever it is, use the comment section below to let me know. Though I can’t make any promises, I’ll read all of your thoughts and ideas.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an international relations major who likes exploring politics through fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys video games, graphic design, and crying.

21 thoughts on “Allison Speaks: Let’s talk about purpose”

  1. Your stories are incredible, and at the end of the day it’s about quality rather than quantity! Rome wasn’t built in a day 🙂 you have the underpinnings of something great, keep going!


  2. I enjoy your blog, but I understand the tendency to wonder where it’s all going. Macaburra is right, just keep focusing on the quality of your posts (which is definitely there) and the blog will develop in it’s own time. 🙂


  3. As I mentioned in the Blogging 201 class, I love your idea for this blog. Since you asked “What do you want to see?”, I was thinking that a great article (or two) would be your relationships take at some of the big upcoming international conferences, e.g. the UN General Assembly and Sustainable Development Goals later this month, and/or the UN Climate Change conference in Paris at the end of November. Seems like those big gatherings are rife with possibilities for interesting personalities and awkward/funny banter between the countries!


  4. You could add the Social widget. below the Follow by Email. And the official WordPress follow button too. The Hemingway theme looks extremely beautiful! Your posts are very nice. There is a mistake in your About Me though. You have 7 Twitter followers. 🙂


    1. Thank you, that’s a great suggestion! If I ever branch out P&P into more social media sites, I will definitely want to use that widget. Oh, and good eye with catching that mistake. I never expected to get a handful of followers so quickly 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Sarah

    Good practice of politics would be great…. simple blogging is a great way to break down barriers, invite new thinking etc, but I’d love to see what good practice you find as good examples for the world . We all need it 🙂


  6. Hi Sarah, I’ve been reading over your blog and honestly I think what you’re doing here is admirable. I share the same view as you, that politics should matter to everyone and the way you’ve framed your posts makes these seemingly daunting topics more accessible and relate-able to a wide audience. You should be proud. Furthermore, your voice and perspective and clear, and I truly get the sense that I’m learning something, whether it’s about the issue you’ve written about or just something about your personality. Keep at it and I am sure you’ll find your niche and your readers (I’m one of them!). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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