To dust? No, to gold

They were the empires and kingdoms who sought riches and conquered worlds. Whose fall from divine power broke their thrones but did not crush their will. Who in their decline gripped their swords and made their last mark on history. Whose name and glory did not die with them.

They were the ones who fought empires in battle and principle. Who were shoved and manipulated by those with more power and money. Who looked Goliaths in the eye and did not flinch but picked up a stone. Who stood amidst the wreckage and havoc in the aftermath of war and raised their flags. Who lost innocence but earned freedom and a name.

They were the heroes and the villains. Who became incredible things and accomplished amazing feats. Who vanquished their demons and grew stronger. Whose ambitions turned them into monsters and taboo legacies. Whose fingertips grazed greatness but whose folly tore their hand away. Whose quest for power and grandeur ended in disillusionment and defeat.

They were the ones divided but not shattered, driven out but not erased, devastated but not destroyed. Who looked at the world around them, in all of its beauty and all of its savagery, and decided that their life and their identity and their honor were worth fighting for. Who survived and overcame and triumphed.

They did not always do the right thing.

They did not always win.

But they will always be remembered.

Author: Allison Black

Allison is an international relations major who likes exploring politics through fiction. Besides writing, she enjoys video games, graphic design, and crying.

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